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As now to look back our past, across the fashion industry, the retro fashion is coming back in style of 70s era. The selection of the retro fashion is about what women really wore to fit it up on women body by trend in with the era of 70s retro fashion. The retro style will help you to realize how the style is change by blend the design into the modern retro outfit for women to flaunt anywhere they go with confidence.

Nowadays, the designers have perked up the retro style as to bring back the dramatic turn midway through the era of 70s. Women out there now can have their own looks by looking at the retro fashion styles in old family albums or any kind of old magazines but work it in your own personal way to look fabulous.

By the time past, this year the retro fashion looks have been getting a huge attention among women who love retro fashion style. Check it out!

Shift dress & Knee High Boots

Mini dresses and midi dresses remind us to the retro style as the shift is suit for any women of all size to wear as it has its own style in that loose cutting and looks really feminine to those who fit in it. Frankly, for retro style, women can walk and move comfortably in them and in the same time still appear stylish into retro. For that retro feel, match & matching between the shift dresses with a knee high pair of boots for a complete touch and looks. This is definitely the modern of touch by putting up retro chick look that every women must show off in front of others and remind back the retro fashion in 70s.

High Waist Pants

Retro is culturally outdated of style which in 70s, the high waist pants are classy and trendy for women to wear on a daily basis. Its generally implies a fashion that women would be admire of the high waist outfit which in the picture shows that these pair of pants has that retro groove and they bring out the mode of retro style. The women who fit this pair of pants also functionally will look slim with a shirt and superficially stunning. 

The Polka Dot

Retro Fashion dates is never wrong to pull together the polka dot outfit as a pattern in timeless. The polka dot style feel the perky retro look and commonly used in the past. This polka dot dresses has its own characteristic in past and the clothing are perfect choice for the ladies who want that sweet and cute look when they are out on a date or a day with friends.

The use of retro these day attract the attention because fashion is universal. By seeing the retro fashion being modernized in nowadays, it can bring out a new style of combination in past and current clothing. To all ladies out there you can check out at Zalora with best quality of retro design! 

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The design will inspired you to bring back the 70s fashion by giving you ideas to match it up. ENJOY!


New Year Trip P.H.U.K.E.T


Sawadikap bloggers =)

No time to updatig my blog but now here i am! My very first post in year 2015! Not too late wishing all of you Happy New Year! (^__^)

Start! On 1 January 2015 me & my buddies spent time 5 days 4 nights at Patong, Phuket. It was a new year gateway by giving ourselves a new year trip by having such a beautiful view in Phuket. We reached at Phuket International Airport (HKT) in the afternoon around 12 o'clock. It just take only 1 hour 20 minutes to reached Phuket from Kuala Lumpir International Airport 2 (KLIA 2). We were going by Air Asia. Alhamdulillah, the journey went well & smoothly arrived. As your information, sim card is free given once you arrive after take the luggage. So far, we don't take the sim card on because at the hotel free wifi was provided so no need to have a new sim card. I just calling my parent using hotel phone services only charges in RM 0.60. Hehe.

During at KLIA 2

Anti Social

View from the plane

As usual, once arriving at the destination, we are looking for Phuket travel agency immediately & yes, we founded one & all the packages we purchased from the agency. The price worth to paid as the services we satisfied but to compared the price at the airport & out side it might have a little bit gap plus is okey if you know how to deal. For me & my friends,  we just accepted what price given to us after dealing & worth or not it just already happened. Haha. (but it worth). The taxi services pick up us to the Bauman Residence Hotel at Patong. I am wondering if it was a taxi because the car is quite luxury. Wuuu... Lucky us because the driver can speak in Malay because he is from Pattani. =)

Then, we checked in at Bauman Residence hotel & checked up our room. The room was comfortable & we enjoyed all the hotel already provided.

Room View



Single Bed

Queen Bad

Since my friend & i arrived early in the afternoon we spending our new year eve at the hotel by releasing ourselves at pool. The hotel was quite good.

Swimming Pool Bauman Residence

We spend our long evening at the hotel & rest before we started our exploring in next few days in Phuket. Before we came to Phuket we already heard about the beautiful island such as 7 island, 4 island & many more islands. What we heard, Phuket nightlife was really alive at Patong. The town was not sleep at all. As usual the foreigner from european conquer the street is just like you are in New York City in summer. Haha. Some other side, we exploring the place that gave tragic memories to the whole world regarding to the disastrous tsunami. Alhamdulillah, on that time the weather was so good! Thank God! =)

As it was our first day in Phuket, after we got enough rest we walked at Patong street to searching our food to ate as our dinner. In first day, we bought nasi pulut! Nasi pulut was popular in Thailand & the taste was damn good! I ate 2 set for my self each. It might look like a simple menu but once you try one is not enough. Hehe... Be in Thailand, should try!

Patong Walking Street

Buying 'Nasi Pulut'

We end our day 1 by having our dinner & went back hotel to get enough sleep for the next day activities.

2 January (Second Day)

Our second day, we were having our fun date at Island Safari Phang Nga. The place is like you are in jungle. Once we arrived at island safari one boy already waiting & called my friend named, Amira. Haha. 

Island Safari Phang Nga

After that, i got a strength on that time to ride a buffalo. Never imagine! Just to take a shot of picture. Haha.


And yess.... everything was in a man made clearing. The monkey show keep represent. The monkey shows us a variety of stuff that he can do. The monkey can riding bicycle, playing basketball & snap picture with the visitors. Friendly monkey!

Monkey Show

After monkey represent the show, we shoot the elephant session. The show from baby elephant was so cute. The music comes out then, the elephant shaking their head left & right. Haha. We just enjoyed the show from the beginning untill we rede the elephant. It was my second experienced ride elephant & still i am afraid to handling it.

Baby Elephant Show

Riding Elephant

We end up our animals date by having fruits after finished all the island safari activites. Next, we still have time so we decided head to Bangla Street located at Patong. We walked about half of the street & there's lot of peoples hang off at bangla street. 

Bangla Road

Patong Beach

Patong Street

After walked around the street, we searching for halal food & we heard there's one famous restaurant that served halal food known as Saveena Halal food! And yesss... the food taste just like you are in your own country. Almost Malay people will had their lunch or dinner at Saveena Halal Food. Highly recommended if you come to Phuket. It was in Patong area & easy to find. The price was so affordable! =)

We end our day by going back to our hotel. 

3 January (Third day)

Our third day begins! The driver picked up us at hotel & we were ready by 8 am. We went for another tour which was 4 island. Before, when I was at Krabi last year, i already went to 4 island at Phi Phi leh, Maya Bay, Monkey Island & Bambo Island. So, this vacation me & my friends decided went to Hong island, Phanga, Koh Panak, James Bond islands & Lawa Island. Suppose after Lawa Island we should visit Naka Island or famously known as Naked Island but it was not in timing regarding the waves was not stable late in evening. Almost about 9 hours we took off by cruise. Goodness, it was really tiring day ever! Seriously! Me & my friend were not in a good condition on that time. Tssk...

First island we went to Hong Island, Phang Nga. The view was so beautiful & amazing. Then, our boat stopped at one spot because we must get ready to have our own experienced exploring the island by canoe. It was an exciting island trip when the journey was shown into the scenic world of the mysterious island by canoeing along the amazing landscape of Phang Nga bay. We were so admire to the beauty of the view & nature by showing spectacular atmosphere. Additional, during the canoeing into the bat cave the surrounding was so fantastic which the nature personally i had never imagine to grap the best moment by knowing the historic of the cave for over hundred of years. Amazing! Alhamdulillah...

Island Tour

Lunch on the boat

Hong Island Phang Nga

Bat Cave

James Bond Island
from the film 'The man with the golden gun'

Lawa Island

Again, we were so lucky we meet Malay people abang shamsul who canoeing us & explained about the place that we explored. He can speak malay as he is Malaysian who work at Thailand,  Mega lucky! =)

After all...........     COLLAPSE

The island tour ended by returning back to Phuket island & its almost a day we were at island. Then, the minivan driver sent us back to the hotel to get enough rest because it was so tiring day on that day. I don't know how to described how the feeling was but, we got so much experienced while exploring all the island. Furthermore, it just you are doing documentary trip. Haha. 

4 January (Fouth Day)

Our day 4 begins by visiting attractions place as we already booked tour city packaged. Miss Am who was our tour guide on that day bring us tour the city. We went for sightseeing Karon Beach & Kata beach. The place was very nice to took the picture by viewing the scenery from the top of the hill nearest Kata Beach. The image after we snap was amazingly beautiful!

Checkpoint view

After we finished snap all the pictures, Miss Am & the driver took us visited Chalong Buddhist Temples There is a historic temples that view like a tower by the building was famous in Phuket.

Chalong Buddhist Temples

Then, the driver dropped us at bee farm as we just only took few minutes to arrived. Here, we got an experience to get close with the bees. Plus, we taste the fresh honey & also honey chocolate. Honey ice cream not definitely into my taste but to get a try i just okey to taste it. 

Bee Farm

After finished at bee farm we shoot to Cashew Nut Factory in order the place we can bought variety of snacks & food testing. Me & my buddies bought snack to bring back home. I don't have time to snap picture inside the shop because busy-ing taste all the snacks. =)

Then, we shops t shirt at one place nearest. So bad i forgot what name of shop i bought the souvenir but it was cheap & reasonable to shopping all those things. On our way travel the city, Miss Am asked us whether we already visit Phuket Fanta Sea or not because as what she informed us Phuket Fanta Sea was a place 'must go' when we were in Phuket. So we decided went to Phuket Fanta Sea at night. Miss Am booked 3 tickets for us to reserved & luckily we got golden seat & we really happy & satisfied!

Tickets & time show start!

The shows start at 9 pm so by 6 pm we just arrived by taking the tickets & walked around the Phuket Fanta Sea before the show start. So our packages including dinner which the buffet served on that night. The buffet for muslim & other religion was separate & it give much easier for us to enjoy the food. All the foods were so delicious & we were full! More we were excited because the dinner was in a big ball room & on that night i gave 5 stars served for our dinner! It was great night to have such a wonderful dinner. =)

Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

Some of food served!

While waiting for Fantasy Of Kingdom started we looked around the place. The place really amaze us. The theater Fantasy of Kingdom was very impressive & awesome. We had a good time & the element of surprised really amazing! The acting from all the cast were so unforgettable by putting up the history of the Princess Kamala. The animals were also into the character & it was damn good to watched it on that night. I am so satisfying & enjoying the show. I wanna share what happened inside the theater but unfortunately the camera was not aloud into the show & of course the audience must followed the rules by putting handphone & camera left at a checkpoint & will be collected later after the show done. Before the show start we already took some pictures while walking around the place. 

Camera Capture

After finished the show we went back to the hotel. Overall the Phuket Fanta Sea once we came there's no regret because everything were so satisfied from the start. We officially thank you to Miss Am even she was only guiding us half day but she's the one recommended us so that we went to Phuket Fanta Sea as our last activities before we were going back home next day. We surely enjoy all the entertainment even it was last minute planning.  We had much experienced. 

Bauman Residence, Patong

Snapping picture with our tour guide,  Miss Am

5 January (Fifth Day)

Day run so fast & on our day 5 we ready off to going back home early in the morning. The driver took us to the airport for departure. 

Might be, i'm not story all the scene when i was in Phuket but at least i can share something sweet memories to my followers how the journey was. Wherever you go some sort of things will give much experience when you walk as a traveler. The journey somehow give you much adventurous & problem while travelling as my buddies & i also have some sort of issues when we travel but all the matters we going through together. Alhamdulillah...

A big thank you to my besties since i was in school Miss Nur Amira Fais & Miss Azrith Sofia because of you both also the trip was on. Sorry in every single thing to both of you. Much Love. Not to forget a big thank you to pah captured thousand of pictures! Love you! 


Miss Amira & Miss Sofia

Before i end my Phuket post i'll like to share some of beautiful scenery while travelling. 

Take a look. =)



Thank you reader =)