Red Rose Black Ribbon


Alhamdulillah now, we are near end of October and there's lot of sweet moment in this month. First of all, i just wanna share my sweet memories birthday celebration on 19 October at Equestrian Club, Precint 5, Putrajaya. The theme was 'Red Rose Black Ribbon'. My birthday was on 14 October but i pick 19 October on weekend to celebrate with my beloved friends. 

Actually i almost forgot to update this post and finally here i am to updating my 25 birthday celebration. Behind the scene, there's lot of planning from me and my bestie but i do really appreciate them because of their hard work. All the decoration in the restaurant my very best girlfriend made it. I am so thankful girls. On that day, it was really special for me because i am dreaming to have my own birthday celebration with just a simple way but proper. 

I got to know about the restaurant from my friend even before, i heard about it and come here about twice. Then my friend recommend the restaurant and i told my father about it. Birthday celebration package included. And, I am satisfied to make a birthday celebration here. My friend notice me before my birthday i am so worried because thinking about the plan. And yes!! I am really worried about it because my birthday before i just have a simple dinner celebration just i did from the past. But this year a little bit special to celebrate with my friends.

The restaurant provided a wonderful & beautiful ambiance for us to enjoy the good foods and also bonding session. Even i am not inviting much people on that day we stayed about 3-4 hours by eating, chit chatting and of course capturing hundred or more of pictures. HAHA! We do enjoyed the moment.

To all who are coming THANK YOU SOOOO MUCHHH! I LOVE EACH OF YOU! Thank you also for the gift. So much LOVE. =)

To be ready! Photo Session!

My special thank you to the main of the night, Miss Amira & Miss Sofia
Thank you both for your hard work

The decoration

The decoration



Sketchbook Wishing

Guest Arriving

Guest Arriving

Guest Arriving



Hos of the night my best friend, Amira

Blowing time!

Cake Session

My girlfriends



With Amira, Sofia, Syahida & Hanan

With Hajar, Qahirah, Ehah & Husniyah

With Khadijah, Fatin, Izrinda/Adri & Amalina/Zubair

With Erma, Ezra, Athirah & Aishah

With Atul, Farah, Syiera & Iwan

With the ladies

Jengka Unite

Melaka Unite

Thank you all for coming. Love each of you.

Half of Candid

Even it was a simple celebration i am so happy by having a good food and also nice music. I want to give my special thank you to my parents, my best friends, my photographer of the night and of couse to all guest who have time to attend my small celebration. Much LOVE and much THANK YOU!