PART 1. Vacation. B.A.L.I


Just to let you know this blog is still alive. Haha. To make it clear, i am lazy to keep updating but today just free to refresh this site and to recalled the memories that i'm going through. Last month, my friends and i having our vacation. Here, are some great memories that i wanna share to my bloggers friends when i was at Bali. To tell the truth Bali is such a beautiful place. I am willing to come again if there any chance b'coz you will never regret once you knock out place that give much soul inside your heart. Seriously. 

Back to the story, we had just arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali and driving to our hotel. The weather was very hot and sunny. We are not driving but the taxi driver took us to the hotel. The hotel was located at Kuta Square middle of the town. Imaging you are at Bukit Bintang the situation of the place. Yes, exactly we chose the hotel middle of the town b'coz it easy for us to go somewhere we needed walking by our own. Kuta Beach just near to us to walk around. But, as usual Indonesia just famous when road crowded by plenty of cars, motorcycles even people walk around just like at a night market. Horn are everywhere. Haha. Same goes to Bali. =)

Kuta Beach

Kuta Square

We use to have our tour guide on our second day which we gave our trust to our tour guide to took us to the place that alraedy in scheduled.  Kintamani tours was our journey. First, we just enjoyed our day by visiting kriss and barong dance at sanur. Take a look. =)

Kriss and Barong Dance at Sanur

Then, we visit ubud to see home industry of batik, silver, painting and woof staff. At Bali these industry are famous and people who come visit will interested to buy the home industry. Its surely original from Bali.

Home Industry

Unfortunately we cannot took a picture inside of the museum. Oh wait i don't know whether it is museum or what but it sells variety of items such as ring, earing and necklace. And yes its original and quite expensive. We just take a look. Haha. 

Outside of the museum

Our next destination is the place that for me is rare. We visit temple nearest the place. I forget the name of the temple. But seriously it was nice & beautiful.


Our next station was visiting rice terrace at tegalalang village. The environment was very clean and nice. Beautiful capture and view to turning out image of the background.

Rice Terrace at Tegalalang Village

Next location was kintamani see mount and lake batur. As usual once we arived at the mount the weather auto change to high temperature. It was cold but still good weather. There are so many sellers who sell variety of goods and we got shocked b'coz the sellers chase us until the car just to persuade us to buy their goods. And, one incident that my friend and  I will never forgot when one of the seller stop our cars and crying just because we were not buying the goods and keep mad at us. Words came out from her mouth was to persuade us 'orang Malaysia kan suka menolong. belilah mbak'... unfortunately we broke her heart. Sorry madam next time okey. Money was limited on that time. =)

Picture of us at Kintamani Mount and Lake Batur

Then, our next mission was at batur sari resto and visiting bali coco and coffee plantation. Best part was we drank variety of tea and coffee plus eating delicious chocolate they served to us. Super 'enak'. Haha. Take a look. 

Bali Coco and Coffee Plantation

Then we having our dinner and going back to hotel. Almost at night we arrived back. =)
***(Just to give an info no worries about halal food b'coz halal food can find in many areas even i know some of people worry about it. There's muslim restaurant in Bali just tell your tour guide and they will bring you a place that served halal food. ^___^)

Day 3 was our beach day. Uluwatu tours. Our tour guide using highway road crossing to uluwatu. First he brang us to tanjung benua beach. There's lot of activites visitors can enjoyed such as diving, jet sky, snorkling, parasaling, banana boat, donut, and also turtle island. But my friend and i was not too involved in sea activites. The weather was seriously super hot and i bet even you are using sunblock but sorry to say still sunburn kills you. Haha. Then we went to our next destination which was pendawa beach. Other beach were padang padang beach, dreamland beach and there's a place that we can eat seafood by viewing of the beach and sea. Its famous and we called it as jimbaran beach. At pendawa beach, we enjoyed the beach and keep wet in the sea. The sea was deep and i little afraid to go far away. Swimming is not my major power so better i swim nearest with people. The beach & sea veryyyyy beautiful blue water you can see. Pendawa beach is the most beautiful and popular beach you guys must go. A must. You can see surfing people also. =)

Beach Corner

Then, we visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana 

After garuda  we made our way to visit uluwatu temple. Here kecak dance was very famous in order we can also view evening sunset. Damn awesome. Super awesome. =)

Kecak Dance Video

Our next day was bedugul tours. Place that we visist such as taman ayun temple and bedugul. Plus, we visit tanah lot temple and shops some goods b'coz the price are cheap compare than other place.

Tanah Ayun Temple and Bedugul

Tanah Lot Temple

I just wish to come again there's lot for me to share but at this moment, this is enough. Haha. I just miss all the moment at Bali and hope to come again & visit other place. Enjoying your vacation is the best way to release and rest. Maybe i might not sharing all the story here about my vacay in Bali but what i just wanna say Bali is awesome, beautiful, peaceful and wonderful place to having a trip or holiday. Plenty. 

And we would like to thank to our tour guide dewa because always give his best to bring us visit many kind of place and surely we enjoyed using our tour guide agency. Good services and of course friendly to us. Much love from us. (*___*)

 Till then B.A.L.I